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Spring Equinox Drinks – Dark ‘n’ Stormy Cocktail

Brew up a storm with this special Equinox themed cocktail!

Recipe by Mairi Rivers AKA Ginger Vegan

Let’s venture into the ‘dark n stormy’ Equinox night with this epic Kombucha cocktail! We are also offering 15% off our 20-pack and 40-pack five pack multipacks until March 22, 6pm

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Here’s how to make ‘Dark n Stormy’:

Serves 1


  • 2 measures of Dark Rum
  • 3 shots Ginger Equinox Kombucha
  • Squeeze of lime plus a wedge to garnish
  • Ice


1. Fill a highball glass with ice

2. Pour over the rum, then the Kombucha

3. Finally squeeze the lime into the glass and garnish with a slice of lime on the rim


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Maar... Wat is Kombucha nu eigenlijk?

Maar... Wat is Kombucha nu eigenlijk?

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