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Great Taste Awards

Proud 2016 winners!

Here at Equinox HQ we are thrilled to announce our original flavour kombucha has just been awarded a Great Taste Award, which is arguably the most prestigious industry prize of all! The Great Taste Awards are the world’s biggest and most trusted food and drink awards, with experts giving away between one and three stars to the finest products on the market. The Guild of Fine Food’s judging panel is made up of 450 industry experts, with celebrity chefs, acclaimed food writers and buyers from large retailers among them. Great Taste stars are undoubtedly highly respected seals of approval, so we are really honoured to have been chosen this year! Here’s what the judges say about how tough the accreditation process is:

‘Our winners are all genuine food people who care about the quality of food and drink they produce. Those producers entered 10,000 products with only 141 foods achieving the highest and most coveted rating, three stars. We had 878 foods grabbing 2 stars and 2520 were awarded a 1 star. That means only 35% of entries were accredited – it’s tough.’

We received two stars for our original flavour, with the following appraisal made by judges:

“Clear, sparkling, light, clean tasting and refreshing, were the immediate comments. A nose which has fermented notes of yeast, bread starter culture, making wine and with some distinct flavours, very gently sparkling with distinct notes and a refreshing finish. An excellent example of kombucha, we love the sparkle, the almost winey ferment, and the very well judged level of sweetness. The finish is clean, bright, yet persistent. Very good indeed as it stands at the moment of tasting.”

“We were very pleased that the sugar had fermented out so it isn’t too sweet. One judge who wouldn’t normally seek this sort of product out, found it pleasant, unusual and delicious. Even judges who didn’t like green tea enjoyed it. Lovely drinking a healthy product, that we know is packed with probiotics to aid the gut, that we found very coiffable and nicely balanced.”

Do you agree?

Maar... Wat is Kombucha nu eigenlijk?

Maar... Wat is Kombucha nu eigenlijk?

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